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Titel:Learning Management Environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (LME4D) entitled "How to get a job?
Herausgeber:University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Autor: Dr. Matjaž Debevc, Primož Kosec, Milan Rotovnik, Dr. Mateja Verlič, Ines Kožuh, Živa Peljhan, Dr. Marko IvaniÅ¡in, Dr. Martin Terbuc 
Produktumfang:LME4D: http://edu.uni-mb.si/deafvoc2/brochure/E-learning_portal_for_deaf_and_hard_of_hearing.pdf  
Begleitmaterial:SLI Module: http://slimodule.com/brochure/SLI_Module.pdf 
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Abstract:The Learning Management Environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (LME4D) entitled »How to get a job«, represents a modern and innovative e-learning system where users can participate in distant education, regardless of their degree of hearing loss or preliminary knowledge, and can attend classes with tutors or by themselves. 
Inhalt:Information and communication technology (ICT) with the growth of broadband connections has significantly contributed towards improving the e-learning materials, particularly for people with disabilities. The aim of adaptive e-learning is to provide everyone a simple and natural way of learning, irrespective to their disability. In comparison to e-learning, the traditional education demands a lot of adjustments and individual work with students, therefore much of work has to be done by teachers. Based on research studies, deaf and hard of hearing users need both written information and translations in Slovenian sign language. The lack of this form of materials is evident; therefore the project consortium has designed and implemented an e-learning portal, entirely translated into Slovenian sign language. It also supports tools for communication among participants. LME4D is based on a custom modified version of Moodle. In this way, the simplicity and stability of the system has been accomplished. The e-material covers six sections where users can get advice for finding a job, writing a job application letter, curriculum vitae (CV) and using websites of Employment Service of Slovenia. These sections provide translations of written information into Slovenian sign language, exercises, quizzes and assignments. Communication is managed by tools, translated in Slovenian language, as chat, videoconference and videoforum, where users can record themselves and post answers in sign language. Key features of the LME4D system: - all written information translated into Slovenian sign language - use of transparent SLI Module for glossary - use of subtitles in addition to sign language video - interactivity: exercises, quizzes, assignments - communication tools: chat, videoforum and videoconference - simple navigation and clean design The product was partially supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, project DEAFVOC 2. It was also partially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency in the framework of the Science to Youth program, financial support for young researchers.
Bildungsbereich:Schule, Primarstufe, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II, Sonderschule, Berufsbildung, Hochschule, Weiterbildung/Fortbildung, Erwachsenenbildung 
Bildungskategorie:interkulturelle Bildung, ethische Bildung, betriebswirtschaftliche Bildung, gesundheitliche Bildung, informationstechnische Bildung, technische Bildung 
Systematik:Berufliche Bildung, Fremdsprachen, Sachgebietsübergreifende Themen
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