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Titel:Lesson Managements and Authoring (LMA) tool
Herausgeber:Conceptum S.A., Athen 
Autor:Adam Damianakis 
Produktumfang:User manual included in the application, Demo lesson created by LMA tool included in the CD 
Windows 2000, XP, Vista; microsoft.net framework 3.5; Flash Player 9 or newest 
Abstract:LMA helps users to create e-learning courses wthout the need of complicated authoring software. LMA is designed for teachers without programming skills. LMA tool ccombines simple multimedia elements like text, image, sound, video and create a SCORM compatible course. The lesson can be delivered to the students through any e-learning platform or by a simple web site. The lesson can also be distributed by email to the end users; they can view the content with any web browser - no specific player is needed. The powerful Conceptum Whiteboard Toolbar can easily be added to the content, thus integrate e-learning content with Interactive Whiteboard. LMA is also an editor für web courses. Web courses are a group of individual lessons. A lesson is defined al "A meaningful division of learning that is accomplished by a student in a continous effort - that is at one sitting". A lesson consists of a series of frames that are organized in sequences. A frame can contain a set of multimedia elements: text, image, sound, video, flash, quizzes etc.  
Inhalt:- Create e-learning lessons and Interactive Whiteboard lessons with just a few clicks using the same application (LMA tool) - Easy to use. No special computer skills are required - Create flash-based e-content that a viewable with any browser - No special player needed - Compose Interactive Board digital lesson easily - Add the provided powerful Conceptum Whiteboard Toolbar which is board independent - Use lessons created with LMA tool on any kind of Interactive Whiteboard or with any Web Browser - Extract Interactive Board content as SCORM compliant e-learning lessons ans share or distribute it on any SCORM platform - Reuse the created content - Easily use and expand the Library content - Include easily quizzes of several types - Supports modular and integrated production. Exchange lessons or parts of a lesson with other users.
Bildungsbereich:Hochschule, Weiterbildung/Fortbildung, Erwachsenenbildung 
7. Zukunftsbewältigung und Chancengleichheit
7.2. Lebenschancen und Bildung
Systematik:Berufliche Bildung, Informationstechnische Bildung, Praxisorientierte Fächer, Weiterbildung, Sachgebietsübergreifende Themen
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