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Titel:Designing an Online Course using Moodle
Herausgeber:CARNet – Croatian Academic and Research Network 
Autor:CARNet-Croatian Academic and Research Network 
Produktumfang:Min. 56k modem access and web browser 
Min. 56k modem access and web browser. A detailed description of minimal computer system requirements is available at: http://www.carnet.hr/onlinetecajevi/preduvjeti 
Abstract:The online course “Designing an Online Course using Moodle” is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers who would like to design a well-structured, interactive, and successful online course using Moodle in accordance with instructional design guidance. Teachers in higher education and others who are interested in online course development are also welcome to attend the course. The main goal of the course is to enable potential attendees: •to understand the basic possibilities of Moodle tools and make decision about their implementation in their course •to identify the basic principles of instructional design •to design and deliver online course using Moodle on their own The course is implemented in the open source Learning Management System Moodle where a number of tools, offered by Moodle, have been used: forum, e-Mail list, Massages, Calendar and Dictionary. The online course lasts for 6 weeks. During that period the participants can access the course at the most convenient time for them. The online course is free of charge to all CARNet users. Emphasis in this online course is on the participant’s practical work based on continuous activities, exercises and exams. During the course participants are introduced to Moodle`s interface and certain tools trough different activities and practices. Participants are also introduced to the basics of instructional design. After attendance of this course participants will be able to make their own online course in Moodle. In order to make learning easier some parts of the online course are enriched with audio /video tutorials. To attend the online course an advanced usage of the Internet is required (forum, e-mailing). Advanced knowledge of some text editor and web page tools are also welcome.  
Inhalt:The course is divided into 8 (eight) chapters: •Introduction to the Moodle interface and starting their own online course in Moodle •Settings the course – learning about the Moodle tools setting adjustment of the online course •The online course content design – an introduction to the basic principles of instructional design having to do with course structure, files management tools and guidance on course accessibility •Communication and Collaboration Moodle Tools – an introduction to the preparation of the communication process in an online course, learning about integrated communication and collaborative tools in Moodle (massages, e-Mail list, forums, wiki, blog). •Evaluation – learning about the Moodle attainment tests evaluation tools •Student management – an introduction to the student enrolment tools, how to assign the roles and issue permissions to the students •Course preparing – providing Moodle possibilities and instructional design principles, attendees of the course are creating the plan of course delivery •A possibility for personal development by using Moodle in education after the course – this chapter offers a wide range of resources about Moodle and its implementation in education.
Bildungsbereich:Schule, Berufsbildung, Weiterbildung/Fortbildung 
7. Zukunftsbewältigung und Chancengleichheit
7.2. Lebenschancen und Bildung
Systematik:Berufliche Bildung, Informationstechnische Bildung, SachgebietsĂĽbergreifende Themen
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