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Herausgeber:KING ICT d.o.o. 
Autor:Veljko Kukulj et al. 
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Abstract:LMS "ewhent.com" is simplified installation of award-winning tool Geanium® with integrated editor into the player of the content, so the users can add or edit titles and events easily. All the key features, including map, time and data correlation (covering the whole world with period from 10.000 BC up to now and into the future, with time steps defined in minutes if needed), powerful multimedia capabilities, multiple timeline ability for comparative analysis is there but with simplified user interface that does not require special training. The re-publishing features, for embedding the produced titles in the blogs and social networking sites (as Facebook or MySpace) and advanced multimedia controls are added making ewhent.com powerful tool for personal publishing of historical events. ewhent.com is provided by KING ICT as a public site and can be used for personal use or by teachers and students free of charge. We see ewhent.com as a tool for creativity, giving the possibility to explore the past and the future, where user can have the global perspective or expose details. 
Inhalt:ewhent.com is a platform which allows its users to create their own space-time defined content. Created content is shown as events organized into timelines according to the time when they happened, shown on the location on the map where they happened. Each event can have unlimited number of multiple type media attachments (textual, picture or video) that are shown alongside that event. Therefore, ewhent.com is an ideal tool for educational purposes, when it is necessary to show data in a visually attractive and comprehensive manner. For example, it can be used to show materials for a class of history, art, literature, geography or any other class for which the context of time and space is relevant or makes the data more comprehensive to the students. It can also show more personal data, like personal experiences. Correlation is another important feature of ewhent.com, where multiple timeline feature can be used to compare events from a life of an artist with creation (and samples) of his or her artwork, alongside main political and social events from that time. Since the service is absolutely free of charge for private individuals, it can be used by teachers or students without any restrictions (free registration is required for content creation). It comes in Croatian and English version, but the language of the content depends on its creator. Any character presented as UTF-8 is supported. Teachers can use it as a preparation for classes (creating material for students or material for their own use) or as a tool for summarization. It can be used by students as a new media for presentations or a way to visualize complex material. Core map of the system is map of the world in WGS84 long/lat projection, fully vectorized with rivers longer then 1.000 km shown and political borders from 1945 until now. Users are limited to 3 timelines per title with unlimited number of events per timeline and they can create unlimited number of titles. Each event can have unlimited number of media attachments, where textual attachments are entered into the system, pictures are uploaded to the ewhent.com server and videos are linked from YouTube or similar repository. Each user have cap limit for total storage on server (thus somewhat limiting the unlimited options) that is changed as more resources are added to the system. Once created topic can be published or automatically shared with chosen individuals via e-mail, by embedding into users web page or by using Facebook, Digg or other similar service. Published topic is available via ewhent.com, giving the opportunity to other interested individuals to access it and use it as a source of information.
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