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Titel:Nikola Tesla
Medienart:Anderes Produkt
Herausgeber:KING ICT d.o.o. 
Autor:Ksenija Grejiæ, Veljko Kukulj et al. 
PC (OS independent), internet browser with Flash plugin (ver 10), fast internet access 
Abstract:Life and patents of Nikola Tesla, one of the most important contributors to the birth of electricity, best known for his many revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism presented in ewhentâ„¢ interactive chronological visualization system. The title includes most important events in Tesla’s life organized in a AMP "Nikola Tesla": timeline and all Tesla’s inventions which were patented in USA, Canada and UK organized in a separate timeline, both with extensive multimedia. In total, there are almost 200 events concerning Tesla’s life and work, and almost as many multimedia. The system enables users to fully interact with the content, both in a linear and a non-linear way. A set of dynamic maps of the world is included with the content and users can zoom in on the location, the time and the events themselves. 
Inhalt:The life of Nikola Tesla is intriguing for itself, as both his inventions and his personal life attracted very much attention even during his lifetime. His most significant discovery was way of using alternate current (AC) for distribution of electricity, and that is directly connected to the "war" between Thomas Edison and Tesla. The content is divided into two timelines. The first timeline consists of the most important events in Tesla´s life, such as his birth, education and moving. All events consist of a short title, description and almost all include multimedia, which show him and his surrounding (people and cities). The second timeline consists of all Tesla´s patents which were registered in USA, Canada and UK. Every patent is shown as an event, showing the name and number of the patent with the addition of multimedia which show original schemes and front pages of the patent application. Some events also include videos. Users cane freely pan and zoom control over both map and time, with one-click access to multimedia related to the event shown. The goal of the title is that it can be used by teachers who teach relevant subjects that are connected to Tesla´s work and students who want to learn about him in a visual and comprehensive manner. It can be used as material for preparation for a class or it can be shown and moved event by event during the class or material for summarization of data which were presented in the class. It is for now available in Croatian and English language. The title is created in simplified Geanium® tool, trough ewhent.com, a free-of-charge public service provided by KING ICT, with intention to stimulate creative users (e.g. teachers) to make other biographies and other content that they could use as an interactive teaching aid. The title can be viewed in and browser with Adobe Flash support, it can be embedded into web pages as a plug-in (e.g. blog or LMS content) or republished trough social networking sites (e.g. Facebook or MySpace).
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7. Zukunftsbewältigung und Chancengleichheit
7.2. Lebenschancen und Bildung
Systematik:Praxisorientierte Fächer, Sachgebietsübergreifende Themen
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