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Titel:Feladatkesziö e-Factory / Aufgabenstellung e-Factory
Medienart:CD Rom
Herausgeber:Nemzeti Tankönyvkado Zrt. /Nemzeti Tankönyvkado AG, Ungarn 
Autor:Hofbauer Jozsef, Tarr Bence, Racsko Peter 
Begleitmaterial:2 CD-ROM ungarische Version, 2 CD-ROM englische Version (The software, User's manual, Teacher's manual) 
pentium IV 900 Mhz, 1Gb ram, resolution 1024 x 768, windows XP, Vista, Macromedia Flash 10.  
Abstract:CD-ROM "Feladatkesziö e-Factory" / "Aufgabenstellung e-Factory" is a flash-based, platform indepent exersise-creator software that is easy to use, editable and suitable for pasting new exercises. With this software, a user-friendly but nevertheless diversified and manifold colleczion of exercises is given to the career-starter-, and old-teachers who havw been teaching for decades, and who are on different levels in computer literacy. At the develöpment of the software, it was taken into account that in the schools there are different types of computers and interactive whiteboards. The target group of the software are those teachers, who have been learning how to use the interactive whiteboards, but are keen to make their primary- or secondary-school lessons more spectacular, interesting and attractive with exercises that they created on their own. The 1.0 version of a-factory was put an the market in a CD-format. The software contains two integrated components: the player and the exercise-creator. The player is suitable for displaying the ready-made exercises for the particular exercise types with the set parameters. The editing GUI/surface makes it possible for the user to modify the existing exercises or create completely new ones. The particular exercises are stored in different partioned libraries that the user can save anywhere so the exercises can be moved to other computers, networks or the Internet. The output of the exercises is flash based and the certain multimedia components are the usual standard types so these can be run in any kind of environment. The minimum system requirements for running are the following: (macromedia) Flash 10.0 Monitor resolution: XVGA 1024 x 768. There are not other particular requirements for the smooth running of the software. 
Inhalt:For celebrating the 60 th anniversary of the founding of the National Textbook Publishing Plc., the company wants to take it#s share of the information and communication technologies market (ICT) by means of e-factory (exercise-factory). This program was created with the active help of those teachers who have been working in the field of education with recognition for ages and have been cooperating with the publishing house along with the editors and information technology experts of the publishing house. In the past few years, with the spreading of ICT tools, CTB (computer based training) has been playing a significant part in education. Those kinds of teaching software appear on the market that gives a spectacular help for the elaboration and processing of the curriculum. The ICT tool that comes into use on the lessons in the most spectacular way is the interactive whiteboard. 40 % of the classrooms will have been equipped with it in HUngary by the and of the year. Parallel with this, much digital content and a lot of presentation software for interactive whiteboards will have been put an the market. But the basic problem with these applications is that for thoose teachers who are computer illiterate (70 bis 75% in Hungary) provide little possibility to create own exercises therefore these applications are not motivating enough for them. That is why it can give cause for serious alarm that they are not going to use these whiteboards on the lessons. Some research shows that in the first year of the usage of the interactive whiteboard, teaching efficiency decreases and only after a while does this eqipment help education. At the time of the development of our software we thought what we would like po provide the teachers with that kind of a tool that makes teaching effective even in the first year of introduction. Our aim was to provide an exercise-creator tool for the users that is not only suitable for playing ready-made exercises but within minutes new, attractive and spectacular exercises can be made with it and in this way, teachers will be motivated through the experience of individual ans own creation. e-Factory is suitable for displying and processing pictures download from the Internet so a skeleton map can be created with the use of the latest satellite images; with a few clecks, crossword puzzles, timelines or thousands of other interactive exercises can be made. With the help of the teachers, editors and authors who were involved in the planning phase of e-factory, we assessed the requirements and possibilities of both the teachers and the students as well. Relying upon these findings, the following standpoint system was developed, with which such a tool could be developed that is really useful for the reachers ans they would be willing to use: 1. to the point ´target application´ 2. Motivations 3. Efficiency 4. Possibility to use free 5. Didactical usage The content of the software At the start up of e-Factory 10 types of exercises are shown aith well-recognizable pictograms, forms, shapes an photos so these could be used without knowing the language from the age of five. The Timeline type of exercise is recommended for the comparisons made in the storylines of the piece of readings for the juniors in thee primary schools. The Skeleton map type of exercises can be used for placing the storylines in space in the junior primary schools. The Subtitle type of exercises can be used from junior primary to seniors in high school for teaching the recognition of details of any kind of picture, the exlanation of the details, the comparison of e.g. a dog and a concrete dog, our Fido, or in senior grades it helps to draw the comparison between the computer and its technical drawings. The Puzzle type of exercises can be used from the kinder-garden senior year but from the junior years of the primary school for recognizing, completing any kind of picture and then text-making in writing and speech. Set, Gap-fill, Matching, Picture gallery, Odd-one-out, Crossword, new exercises, emphasize.
Bildungsbereich:Schule, Primarstufe 
Bildungskategorie:mathematische Bildung, naturwissenschaftliche Bildung 
7.2. Lebenschancen und Bildung
Systematik:Freizeit, Kinder- und Jugendbildung, Sachgebietsübergreifende Themen
16.4 Punkte - empfehlenswertes didaktisches Multimediaprodukt – gut (2)
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