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Titel:Geanium - Interactive Chronological Visualization
Medienart:Anderes Produkt
Herausgeber:King ICT, Kroatien 
Autor: Veljko Kukulj et al. 
Produktumfang:1 LLMS 
PC (OS independent), internet browser with Flash plugin (ver 9), fast internet access 
Abstract:LLMS Geanium™ is interactive chronological visualization system designed for production of SCORM and smartboard compatible online and also offline e-learning content from historical (or any other) time sequenced data. Geanium™ shows events, organized into timelines, on the location where they happened, when they happened. User has pan and zoom control over both map and time, with one-click access to multimedia related to the event shown. The system has data entry and preparation module (the Editor) for the content production, that enables rapid publishing of e-learning lessons and/or e-book titles for use with visualization module (the Player). 
Inhalt:Interactive chronological visualization is new approach for presentation and analysis of data that are defined in space and time. The Geanium™ is dedicated three-component interactive chronological visualization system. It includes Editor for data entry and preparation, Player for combining and displaying the data and server Backend that handles the data environment and mathematical model. All components use a set of dynamic maps that represent scope of the data, that can range from a single cell of a living organism for visualization of the aging process, to the world map for the history lesson. Once the scope of the data is established, the data itself is interpreted in mathematical space that enables the system to combine and compare the data of different resolution or precision. The data output from the mathematical model is organized into timelines and events are represented as point on that timelines. Each point can have it´s own set of contextual data and multimedia files, ranging from simple texts and links to websites to movies and animations, that can all be shown within multimedia window. This separation of data into layers (primary for the events data and secondary for multimedia) enables fast, accurate and responsive visualization with in-depth exploration ability. As a web based application, Geanium™ uses Adobe® Flash™ technology for user interface, and therefore is computer platform (OS) independent. The data can be prepared as a content for both online and offline use, and for educational purposes as smartboard compatible modules for SCORM compatible learning management system (LMS).
Bildungsbereich:Schule, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II, Hochschule, Weiterbildung/Fortbildung, Erwachsenenbildung 
Bildungskategorie:eurokulturelle Bildung, interkulturelle Bildung, europolitische Bildung, historische Bildung, informationstechnische Bildung, politische Bildung, technische Bildung 
1. Kulturelle Identität und interkulturelle Verständigung
1.1. Kulturelle Identität und interkulturelle Verständigung im Blickwinkel der Vergangenheit
Systematik:Geschichte, Informationstechnische Bildung
Auszeichnungs-Art:Comenius-EduMedia-Siegel und Comenius-EduMedia-Medaille 
18.8 Punkte - beispielhaftes didaktisches Multimediaprodukt – sehr gut (1)
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