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Titel:Snovanje videoposnetkov (ePriročnik filmskega jezika), Making Video Shots (eGuide To Film Language)
Medienart:Anderes Produkt
Herausgeber:Videofon d.o.o. Blejska Dobrava 139, 4273 Blejska Dobrava, Slowenien 
Autor:Tone Rački, Miha Peče beteiligt: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, TržaÅ¡ka 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
Hersteller-Ort:Blejska Dobrava 
PC or Apple, Internet access, Web browser, Flash Player 8 
Abstract:With selfmade video content flooding the internet & media and with hardware becoming more available to students, the urge for basic film language education has become more and more evident. This e-handbook is a complete multimedia guide to film language and film making. It is based on film theory, practical advices, demo shots and interactive exercises. Its author Mr. Tone Racki, is a recognized Slovenian art teacher and leading film theorist. Since this multimedia guide has varying degrees of difficulty, it is the perfect start for amateur video enthusiasts as well as photographers and art students. To quote the author Mr. Racki: "Modern videocameras are automated to the extent that they can practically create an acceptable picture on their own. But the skill of film making comes from within the cameraman when he realizes that he can record the same subject in many different ways and so create different pictures and meanings. The cameraman shapes the image with his selection of lenses, camera angles, picture compositions, camera movement, light character, sound effects..."The program is developed in accordance with Scorm standard, for use in different LMS environments. Material includes video clips, interactive elements, animations, simulations and learning checkups. 
Inhalt:1 Short history of film, television and video (The invention of film, Classification, Film crew) 2 Camera(Introduction, Light picture, Camera, Summary) 3 Preparation of AV products(Synopsis, Screenplay) 4 Before recording(Colors, Focus, Exposure meter, Camera, Summary) 5 Designing shots(Lens, Shots, Composition , Rakurz, Light, Camera, Editing, Summary ) 6 Concepts of sounds(Sound recording, Basic sounds) 7 Sound and video carriers(Basic concepts, Important video formats) 8 About video shots(Effects of film and video picture, Movement, View of one eye, Reality and illusion ) 9 Practical exercises 10 Test
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7. Zukunftsbewältigung und Chancengleichheit
7.2. Lebenschancen und Bildung
Systematik:Bildende Kunst, Kinder- und Jugendbildung, Medienpädagogik, Musik, Sachgebietsübergreifende Themen
Auszeichnungs-Ort:Berlin, 20.06.2008 
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